Does this excerpt from a recent article in FM Management Magazine sound familiar?

“In a perfect world, facilities managers would always choose to optimize building performance. But in the real world, with dwindling resources and tight budgets, building optimization can seem like a pipe dream. Indeed, today’s facility managers are often forced to do more with less. This is particularly cumbersome for enterprises with multiple distributed facilities.”

“With a diverse stock of buildings, each with their own set-up and individual requirements, the challenges of day-to-day operation are significantly amplified for multi-site facility managers. Juggling disjointed building control systems, maintenance and emergency repairs, just keeping these facilities in operation can be a struggle for management.”

Source: Overcoming the challenge of multi-site facility management, FM Magazine, September 28,2016


One of the major challenges confronting building managers is to keep up with the fire code compliance requirements of each building in each jurisdiction, manage the various fire protection service providers and ensure the building’s fire protection systems meet or exceed code and that costs are controlled.

Affordable Fire Solutions takes the complexities and confusion out of fire code compliance management by:

  • Consolidating compliance reporting, thereby eliminating the need for the facility manager to deal with the daily details of each building and each service provider individually. Affordable Fire manages all the details.
  • Consolidating fire code compliance services for all the buildings under one single Master Services Agreement, with charges identified by facility and billed as needed.
  • Organizing and scheduling inspections and repairs to minimize on-site disruption and to eliminate missed inspections resulting in the receipt of code violations from AHJs.
  • Providing volume pricing benefits.
  • Quarterly or monthly billing to provide for predictable budgeting and cash flow planning.

Affordable Fire Solutions’ Multi-site fire code compliance services include:

  • Fire alarm and sprinkler inspections automatically scheduled and performed prior to the expiration of prior inspections
  • Deficiency repairs quoted and promptly performed to assure the integrity of the fire protection systems
  • All the reports for each property are securely stored online, password protected and accessible to you 24/7.
  • Viewing, downloading, emailing, or printing reports using our user-friendly inspection portal.
  • Consistency as all reports for all your properties are prepared in the same format, located together in a single master folder(s), providing you with access to all reports for any or all your properties with a single online search.
  • All inspection data is stored on our secure web-server which is backed up daily and archived off-site.
  • For security purposes all inspection data for your property is encrypted and only accessible by you and Affordable Fire Solutions.