As a building owner or property manager,

it’s ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the fire and life safety systems installed at your location are working and in compliance with regulatory standards. However, when you contract with Affordable Fire Solutions for inspection, testing, and maintenance of your systems you can be sure we are performing the job properly and that your systems meets local codes and standards.

AFS understands your concerns and has created a system of services that help ensure your inspections are done right every time. We become responsible for scheduling tests and inspections and performing necessary repairs. You can be comfortable your fire code compliance needs are in good hands.

Here’s How We Do It

Accurate, Verifiable Results

All devices in a property are barcoded and scanned when inspected to provide an accurate inspection record for every device in your property. Each time a barcode is scanned, it is stamped with the date and time so you know when each device was inspected.

Intelligent Reporting

Our intelligent reporting system not only provides comprehensive data on every device inspected, it also provides other features to help you get an accurate picture of all your fire and life safety systems. Easily find failed devices, the reason they failed, proposed solutions, pricing, and even codes and standards that address the device failures. Find out if any of your devices are under product recall by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Plan ahead by knowing what devices are under warranty and which warranties will be expiring.

Accessibility and Security

Forget filing cabinets and searching for old reports. All the reports for your property are securely stored online and accessible 24/7. View, download, email, or print reports using our user-friendly inspection portal. All inspection data is stored on our secure web-server which is backed up daily and archived off-site. For security purposes all inspection data for your property is encrypted and only accessible by you and Affordable Fire Solutions.

To get a better understanding of what we are about call us and we will give you a demonstration of our fire compliance services and how they will improve your fire compliance experience.

If you would like to speak to one of our fire compliance experts to handle your inspection documentation, click the link below to contact one of our representatives.