If you have recently received a fire code violation, call us. We can help.

Affordable Fire Solutions specializes in helping property owners and managers to correct the underlying causes of fire code violations so the property is properly protected, up to code and mandated inspections and repairs are completed promptly.

Call us and we will assign an expert to your case, determine what needs to be done and, with your permission, perform the necessary services including contacting the fire marshall or other Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to assure them you are taking the necessary remedial action to promptly resolve the violation.

Fire code violations are issued by an AHJ when there is something that is unsafe about your property, building or facility, or when a mandated inspection or repair is delinquent. Promptly attending to violations is important because failure to resolve the underlying issue may result in:

  • compromising the safety of your employees,
  • endangering customers and the general public,
  • risking damage or destruction of property in the building; and
  • risking damage to the real property itself.

Failure to resolve a violation may result in fines from the AHJ and, in extreme cases, may result in loss of the certificate of occupancy for the facility which results in loss of use of the property.

Also, be aware that in the event of a fire, your insurance company may deny claims you file if you have failed to ensure that your fire alarm, sprinklers and extinguishers are maintained as required by the Protective Safeguards Endorsement in your insurance policy.

On the positive side, there could be a possible reduction in insurance premiums. Many insurance carriers give premium reductions to businesses for properly installed and maintained fire-protection systems.

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Common Fire Code Violations Include:

Out-of-date fire alarm inspections

All fire alarm systems must be inspected and serviced annually by a licensed fire protection company in accordance with NFPA 72.

Missing or out-of-date fire sprinkler inspections

Fire sprinklers and standpipe systems also require service and testing at least annually, sometimes quarterly, by a licensed fire protection company.

Failure to correct deficiencies uncovered in prior fire alarm or sprinkler inspections

Deficiencies noted in previous inspections must be repaired.

Non-illuminated exit signs

Because emergencies can sometimes cause power outages, backup batteries for illuminated exit signs are essential. This ensures that even if the lights go out, people can easily tell where the exits are located.

No emergency lighting

Along with illuminated exit signs, most buildings are also required to have dedicated emergency lights that remain lit during power outages. This emergency backup lighting helps keep building occupants calm so evacuations are more likely to go smoothly.

Missing or damaged fire extinguishers

NFPA 10 details which types of fire extinguishers are required in your building and where. There are also codes regarding testing and inspecting portable fire extinguishers. Then, if you discharge an extinguisher, even a small amount, it must be recharged.

Missing or damaged smoke or other fire detectors 

When a smoke detector or other fire detector is missing or damaged, the fire detection and protection integrity of the building or facility is compromised.

Painted or compromised detectors

If a fire detector r sprinkler head is painted over or compromised by changes  such as adding a drop ceiling, repairs are mandatory and a new inspection is required for compliance.

Not keeping proper records

The contractor that maintains your fire protection systems should provide you with written records of their services. As the building owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to retain copies of this paperwork as proof of your compliance. By choosing Affordable Fire Solutions as your fire protection service provider, you will also always have immediate access to all your inspection and compliance records simply by logging into the secure client portion of our website at . You’ll be glad you did when the fire inspector comes knocking.

Obstructed passageways and exits

This is one of the easiest rules to forget, but it’s vital to keep all exit doors and means of egress unblocked at all times. Leaving deliveries unattended in passageways could have potentially life-threatening consequences if a fire emergency calls for a swift evacuation.

Propping open fire doors

NFPA 80 covers the topic of fire doors and other opening protectives. These must feature self-closing devices to avoid being accidentally left open. Also, codes require you to keep fire doors closed all at times, except when being temporarily held open by an approved device.

Using extension cords for permanent wiring

This is one of the most serious code violations you can commit. Extension cords are designed for temporary use only and could pose a fire hazard if used permanently. You should never attach extension cords to permanent fixtures or pass them through holes in the wall. If you don’t have enough outlets in your building, hire an electrician to add some before you receive a fine.

Call Affordable Fire and we will assign an expert to your case, determine what needs to be done and, with your permission, perform the necessary services and contact the AHJ to assure them you are taking the necessary remedial action to resolve the violation.